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Axie and Friends

Scholar Agency

Get a top-tier, well-trained, and always monitored scholar from us.

If you are a Manager that is looking for an agency that will provide you with a fully-trained Scholar.

Here at axieandfriends, we offer you full management including training and monitoring of all our available scholars no need to look online and found untrusted ones!

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Why get Scholar from us?

Scholar will be ready
within a the day.

We will make sure that we have
already trained a scholar for you.

Internally Managed by Us
and with internal rewards.

You don't need to worry about rewarding the scholar

Scholars are monitored
and subject for re-evaluation every payouts.

We do all the hard work from training, monitoring and evaulation the Scholar

πŸ’Ό Let us manage it for you.

"Before the PANDEMIC my experienced in the Cybercafe industry has accumulated for almost 12 years+ as a professional business manager, I'm also a game-addict in my younger days. Gaming is part of my life!

here at Agency, we'll make sure that we don't just give your game-addict but well-oriented and professionally trained scholar."
Photo of Mark Anthony Noquiao

Mark Anthony Noquiao Founder of axieandfriends.

Become a Partner Now! Let's talk via Telegram β‡’